Adjunct Instructor of Management

Mark Hertling, D.B.A

Lieutenant General (retired) Mark Hertling retired from the military in 2013, and since then he has served as a Senior Vice President and now an advisor at the Leadership Institute at Advent Health. His book, Growing Physician Leaders, provides leadership advice and tells the story of the course he was asked to teach at Advent Health. That course now has over 700 physician, nurse and administrator graduates.

Mark served for 38 years in the US Army as a tanker and cavalryman, commanding at every level from tank platoon to Field Army. He finished his Army career as the Commanding General of US Army Europe in 2012, where he over 60,000 soldiers and partnered with the Armies of 51 nations. He served a total of 38 months in combat, including a tour Commanding the US Army’s 1st Armored Division (1AD) and Task Force Iron in Northern Iraq for 15 months during the surge.

Mark received a Bachelor of Science from the U.S. Military Academy in 1975, and he holds three master’s degrees: a masters of kinesiology from Indiana University’s School of Public Health, a masters in military arts and sciences from the Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies, and a masters in international relations and security studies from the National Defense University in Washington, DC. In 2019, Mark received a Doctor of Business Administration from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College, defending research addressing physician leadership in the healthcare industry.

After retiring from the Army, LTG Hertling was appointed by President Obama as one of 25 members to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sport and Nutrition. He serves as an advisor to the non-profit organizations “Mission: Readiness” in California, “Operation Gratitude” in Washington DC. He is an adjunct scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute, he serves as an executive member of the Dean’s Alliance at the School of Public Health of Indiana University, and he is an adjunct professor of strategic leadership at the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College. He is the senior military and national security analyst for CNN/CNN International.

Mark is married to his best friend, Sue. They have two sons, two terrific daughters-in-laws, and five grandsons.


  • DBA, Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College
  • MS, Indiana University’s School of Public Health
  • MA, Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies
  • MA, National Defense University
  • BS, United States Military Academy