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At Crummer, we have dedicated staff and resources that will encourage your success throughout your MBA program. The mission of the Crummer Graduate School of Business is to develop global business leaders and innovators through a high quality, integrated, experiential education that prepares them to add significant value to their organizations and communities.

The Student Success team provides a diverse suite of services and programs that will enhance your Crummer experience while supporting our mission. We look forward to working with you throughout your MBA journey! The Student Success team consists of:

  • Student Services
  • The Career Resource Center
  • The Center for Leadership Development
  • The Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
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Academic Information

Courses are listed to provide you with an indication of the scope and depth of the Crummer graduate degree programs. Please note that not all courses listed are offered every year, courses listed may be dropped from the curriculum, and new courses not listed may be added to provide instruction in the latest management topics.

Early Advantage MBA course descriptions

Flex MBA course descriptions

Professional MBA course descriptions

Executive MBA course descriptions

Executive Doctorate course descriptions

Academic Information

Learn more about Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Operations & Technology Management and Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Enterprise concentration course detail and requirements

Follow the button below for all information that you need to register for your electives.

Early Advantage MBA program of study

EAMBA 42 | EAMBA 41 | EAMBA 40 | EAMBA 39

Flex MBA program of study


Professional MBA program of study

PMBA 66 | PMBA 65 | PMBA 64 | PMBA 63 | PMBA 62

Executive MBA program of study

EMBA 43 | EMBA 42

Executive Doctorate program of study

EDBA 10 | EDBA 9 | EDBA 8 | EDBA 7

To request an archived program of study, please contact crummerregistrar@rollins.edu.

Billing, Payments, and FoxPay 

FoxPay is the official online student account and payment system for Rollins College. Students can access their FoxPay through Foxlink or at https://foxpay.rollins.edu to view real-time status. Notifications are sent to the student’s Rollins email address when a new monthly statement is available. Students can also add a personal email address and phone number to their FoxPay account to be notified when new activity has taken place on their account.

Students that register for any class or receive any service from Rollins College accept full responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees. Student Account Services provides more information on payments, payment plans, and financial responsibility.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

  • Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA (see Crummer tab) on Student Account Services site.  Learn more
  • Executive Doctorate Statement of Responsibility, Withdrawal, Refund Policies, and more.  Learn more

Financial Aid

If you would like to explore your financial aid options, our experienced Financial Aid team is ready to assist you. Contact the Financial Aid Office to find out what opportunities may be available to help you with financing your degree.  Learn more

Tuition Due Dates, Program Overview, and Cost of Tuition

Early Advantage MBA

EAMBA 42 | EAMBA 42 AMP 3/2 Students

EAMBA 41 | EAMBA 41 AMP 3/2 Students  
EAMBA 40 | EAMBA 40 AMP 3/2 Students
EAMBA 39 | EAMBA 39 AMP 3/2 Students

Flex MBA


Professional MBA

PMBA 66 | PMBA 65 | PMBA 64 | PMBA 63

Executive MBA

EMBA 43 | EMBA 42 

Executive Doctorate


Student Records Team


Francine Chase, Assistant Registrar

Email: crummerregistrar@rollins.edu

If you wish to update your address, mobile, or employer information, please access the Student and Family Data Form on Foxlink.  This online form is located under the Student/Registration and Registrar tab.


Student Services
Degree/Enrollment Verification

Student Services

The Student Services department provides support, assistance, and resources to all students that will enhance their educational experience and foster success in earning their MBA or doctoral degree.

Office Location: Crummer suite 118

Contact Us

Ann Ketteringham, Program Manager


Transcript Requests

Current students may access their unofficial and request official transcripts through Foxlink in the registrar and registration section provided under the student tab.

Alumni & former Crummer graduate students will need to request transcripts through the Office of the Registrar at https://www.rollins.edu/registrar/transcript-requests/.

Degree/Enrollment Verification

Rollins College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verification. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Career Resource Center
Online Career Resources
EAMBA Students
PMBA, Flex MBA, EMBA, & EDBA Students

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center staff at the Crummer Graduate School of Business is available to assist you with services and resources to help evaluate career options, plan for the future, and achieve optimal performance in your career search.

  • Office Location: Bush Executive Center, Room 118
  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Contact us with any questions:

Career Resource Center


Handshake is your one-stop shop for career resources. In addition to applying for job and internship postings, you can register for events, schedule appointments and utilize online resources such as: Beyond B-School, Business Journals’ Book of Lists, GoinGlobal, Mango, The Vault, and the Guide to Career Success.

Login using your Rollins email & password.

Career Resource Center

EAMBA Student Requirements

Internship Paperwork
FDN 506 Career Strategies (Required in full-time programs)
All Early Advantage MBA students are required to complete an MBA level internship in conjunction with the FDN 506 Career Strategies course. To review course grading and assignment due dates, refer to the course syllabus for your cohort as well as Handshake.

Internship Forms
Each form is an assignment that counts towards the successful completion of an internship. Reference the respective class syllabus for due dates. Forms are to be submitted for all internships.

Internship Position Description – Outlines the intern’s roles, responsibilities, projects, and qualifications the employer is seeking. Due prior to accepting internship offer. Submit via Handshake.

Commitment to Learning – By signing this form, the student and their supervisor agree to commit the appropriate time, resources, and training, including 5 learning objectives to ensure student success. Submit via Handshake.

Five (5) Learning Objectives – The student along with their supervisor identify five learning objectives to be accomplished during the internship. Submit to Handshake.

Informed Consent Agreement – Every student participating in a college-sponsored internship and earning academic credit must read and electronically sign this consent form. Submit online.

Student Evaluation – This form is completed by the STUDENT INTERN. Submit online.

Employer Evaluation — This form is completed by the INTERN’S SUPERVISOR. It is the responsibility of the student to email their supervisor the link to the Employer Evaluation. Submit online.

Career Resource Center

Career Resources

Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA. Professional MBA, Executive MBA, & Executive Doctorate students can submit a Request for Services form to meet with a Career Consultant for any of the services listed below:

Individual career strategy coaching | Job-search strategy development | Resume and cover letter assistance | Mock Interviews, with recording capabilities | Networking events and Career Expo | On-campus employer information sessions | Personal introductions to business leaders | Access to Alumni | Career-related online resources, available on Handshake

Center for Leadership Development

Leadership Student Resources

Mentoring Leadership Track
Nonprofit Board Leadership Track
Student Leadership Advisory Board Track
Certificate in Leadership
Leadership Coaching
Truist Distinguished Leader of Merit Competition
Student Recognition

About Us

The Center for Leadership Development (CLD) supplements the academic curriculum by providing quality training, education, and experiential leadership development opportunities that enhance individual leadership acumen. It promotes leadership development as a process of self-awareness, personal growth, and relationship and skill-building.

For more information, please visit our Canvas Course: Crummer Center for Leadership Development

To arrange a virtual appointment with the Assistant Director of Center for Leadership Development, Sabrina Deshner, please contact her at sdeshner@rollins.edu.

Mentoring Leadership Track

Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA  students in their first or second year of the program are eligible to be paired with a business professional for six months to discuss professional development opportunities and career information.

Nonprofit Board Leadership Track

In partnership with Crummer’s Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA students in their first or second year of the program are eligible to be paired with a nonprofit organization to serve as an active, full voting Board Member. Students have the opportunity to learn about and participate in organizational governance and operations with business executives.

Student Leadership Advisory Board Track

Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB) members have direct influence in shaping the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) programs for students while networking with business leaders. First year students participate in the Programming Committee, while second year students participate in the Peer Ambassador Committee. Membership is open to first and second year Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, and Professional MBA students.

Certificate in Leadership

Certificate in Leadership is a co-curricular program hosted by the Center for Leadership Development (CLD) for selected second year Early Advantage MBA, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Executive MBA students. The focal point of this program is an experiential leadership exercise in which the student leads a project provided by a sponsoring organization/industry.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching offers students the opportunity to enhance and develop their leadership potential! The one-on-one coaching takes place in a confidential setting with a professional who has worked, coached and/or consulted in the work-world.


Truist Distinguished Leader of Merit Competition

After completing one of the Leadership Tracks during their first year and pursuing the Certificate in Leadership during their second year, Flex MBA, Professional MBA, and Early Advantage MBA students are eligible to compete in three rounds of the Truist Distinguished Leader of Merit competition, which recognizes students who best exemplify the qualities of ethical, responsible and thoughtful leadership.

Student Recognition

Students receive recognition at the Annual Leadership Awards Dinner in the Spring and at their Commencement ceremony. Recognition will be for the Leadership Track(s) of their choice, which is achieved when students complete the criteria within the Leadership Track they pursue.

Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
Student Engagement Survey
Calling All Student Entrepreneurs

Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship

The Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship connects students with advanced entrepreneurial thought leaders across a wide variety of industries through program opportunities, coaching, and mentoring that build lasting, valuable relationships.

  • Office Location: Crummer Room 316
  • Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Student Entrepreneurship Survey

Let us know how we can help you!

To receive notifications about relevant programs for you, please complete our brief Student Engagement Survey.

Crummer Commencement

Congratulations to all of our 2022 graduates!

The Crummer Commencement ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 7 at 12:00 p.m. (new time) at Showalter Field in Winter Park, FL.


More Videos

2020 & 2021 Crummer Commencement Ceremony

2020 Virtual Crummer Commencement

The Sights and Sounds of 2019 Crummer Commencement

About Graduate Housing
Details and Pricing
Maintenance Requests
Frequently Asked Questions
Move In/Move Out Instructions
Intent to Renew Form
Photo and Video Tour
Contact the Crummer Graduate Housing Team
Emergency requests

About Graduate Housing

The Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College offers Graduate Housing for the following groups: students currently enrolled in the Early Advantage MBA program; exchange students, GLI Visiting Scholars, and Rollins faculty. The College-owned graduate student housing complex is conveniently located just three blocks north and one block west of campus at the corner of New York and W. New England avenues.

Each apartment is furnished with a standard bedroom, living room, kitchen furniture, and appliances. Apartments have refinished concrete floors, and residents have access to an on-site secured laundry facility.

The complex offers 28 fully furnished efficiencies, including 20 one-bedroom/one-bath apartments and eight two-bedroom/one-bath apartments. The number of apartments is limited, and apartments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested students must complete the Graduate Housing Application. Applications will be received by the Crummer Graduate Housing Team. Applicants will then be contacted shortly after.

Please note: Rollins 3/2 Accelerated Management Program (AMP) students are now eligible to apply for housing in their first year of enrollment.

Details and pricing

View the Graduate Housing Apartment Inventory here.

Square Footage: 475
Rent: $1000/month
View Floor Plan (PDF)


Square Footage: 600
Rent: $750/month per person
View Floor Plan (PDF)

Includes: Fully Furnished Apartment, FREE Laundry Room, WI-FI, Water & Trash Utility


Apartments 1-14
273 W. New England Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789
View New England Avenue Floor Plan 

Apartments 15-28
238 W. Welbourne Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789
View Wellbourne Avenue Floor Plan 

Maintenance Requests

The maintenance request forms below are ONLY intended for off-campus tenants residing in Graduate Housing.  Campus maintenance requests can be submitted through the Facilities site. If you require repairs or service for your property, please complete the aforementioned form and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Crummer Graduate Housing? Currently enrolled Early Advantage MBA students, Crummer exchange students, GLI Visiting Scholars, and Rollins faculty.

When do you start leasing for the upcoming semester? Leasing is based on availability and is done on a rolling basis throughout the school year and during the summer months. All interested parties must fill out the Graduate Housing Application. Once received and approved, a member of the Graduate Housing team to will contact you.  Students are eligible to move in 30 days prior to their semester start date.

Is there a waiting list? Yes, due to the high demand for graduate student housing, we do offer a waiting list. Typically, the Spring term semester start is more challenging for new leases since housing often fills up during the previous summer and fall.

Do you do short-term leases? Generally, leases for foreign exchange students are per semester. Full-time EAMBA students typically sign a 12-month lease and then have the option to renew for their second year.

Is there an application fee? There is no application fee at this time.

Do you require a parental guarantee? If you are 18 years of age, we do not require a parental guarantee.

How much security deposit is required? The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent and is required to secure an apartment.

What do I have to do to get my security deposit back? Included in each lease is a security deposit clause that provides a detailed list of requirements to receive your deposit at the end of your lease term.

When is rent due? Rent is due on the first day of each month. There is a five-day grace period to pay rent. After 5 p.m. on the fifth day of the month rent is considered late and a $25 late fee is assessed.

Do you offer any discounts? Students that sign on for a second-year lease do receive a $20 discount on monthly rent during the second year of tenancy.

How do I pay rent? We do not accept cash payments for rent. Checks and money orders are made out to Holt Properties LLC.  Mail payment to Rollins College, 1000 Holt Avenue – 2715, Winter Park, FL 32789.

Do you accept credit cards? We do NOT accept credit card payments.

How do I set up my mailbox? Bring a copy of your signed lease to the Winter Park Post Office. They will issue you a box and a key. At the end of the lease term, don’t forget to forward your mail and return your key to the post office.

Can I have pets? We do not allow pets at Crummer’s Graduate Housing Apartments.

How do I cancel my lease? Email Crummer’s Student Success team at crummerstudentservices@rollins.edu to inquire about breaking your lease.

How can I switch roommates? The only way to switch roommates or modify the lease is to have all parties on the lease agree to the change, and fill out appropriate paperwork.

Move In/Move Out Instruction

For those students moving in and moving out of Crummer Graduate Housing, please review the Graduate Housing Move-In/Move-Out Check List. For those students moving out of Graduate Housing, please also review the Move-Out Instruction letter to ensure you receive your security deposit back.

Please rate and document based on the condition in each category (i.e New, Good, Fair, Poor).


Move In/Move Out Form

For students interesting in renewing their lease at Crummer Graduate Housing, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you shortly after.

Tour the Graduate Housing apartments

Video tour of Crummer Graduate Housing:

Photo album of the Crummer Graduate Housing property:

Contact Graduate Housing

For housing questions, please contact:

Renee Quintanilla
Director, Student Success
Email: graduatehousing@rollins.edu
Phone: (407) 646-2335

Emergency Requests

For your safety and convenience, Crummer Graduate Housing provides a 24-hour emergency maintenance answering service to answer and route your emergency maintenance requests.

After-Hour Maintenance Emergencies: Please call 407-646-2999

Listed below are situations that require a Maintenance Technician to visit a property to make the necessary repair after regular business hours. These situations must be dealt with at the time of the call from the resident and not be scheduled for the next business day. If the technician is not able to make the requested repair, then it is the technician’s responsibility to contact the appropriate contractor to make the repair at the time of the request from the resident.

The following are examples of what is considered an “after-hour’s maintenance emergency”:

  • HVAC: No heat in the property and the outside temperature is below or forecasted to be below 45 degrees. No air conditioning in the property and the outside temperature is above or forecasted to be above 80 degrees
  • Electrical: No electricity to major appliances such as a refrigerator, stove, or HVAC units. No electricity to over 50% of the home
  • Plumbing: No usable bathroom in the property. Burst water supply lines
  • Storm damage to roof: tree limbs through roof, etc.
  • Community entrance blocked
  • Security
  • Actual fire on property
  • Fire Systems: Smoke alarm continuously sounding, sprinklers running, etc.
  • Break In/Burglary
  • Broken lock/window that is easily accessible (i.e. first floor)

If any of these scenarios apply, please call contact campus security for further assistance at 407-646-2999 a campus officer is available 24/7.

What you need to know

Tips for Crummer Students

Student Resources

Academic Assistance

Available tutor for MBA students:

Neil Mattern ’10MBA
the.neil.man@gmail.com | 321-354-3831
Data Analysis for Business Decisions, Microsoft Excel & Financial Decision Making

IT Help Desk Information

Welcome to Rollins. Helpful Information from the IT Help Desk.

Where to Eat
  • Rollins College Dining. Follow the “What’s Open Now” link to see the on-campus dining options.
  • Places that accept R-Card TarBucs. A list of restaurants on-campus and off-campus that accept your r-card TarBucs as well as special student promotions from local restaurants.
Health Services
  • Rollins Wellness Center. All currently enrolled Rollins students are eligible to receive health services at the Rollins Wellness Center.
  • Local Care Providers. A wide range of wellness resources are available locally, through phone or text, and online.

Getting Around. From walking and biking to Zipcar and SunRail, there are a number of on- and off-campus transportation options.

Where to Stay

Places to Stay. Winter Park and Orlando offer plenty of great hotel options that are convenient to campus.

Where to Work Out

Harold & Ted Alfond Sports Center. All Crummer students have access to the Alfond Sports Center which includes Daryl’s Fitness Center, locker rooms, basketball courts, and fitness classes.

Parking & Campus Safety

Traffic & Parking. Learn more about traffic and parking regulations at Rollins College.

Crummer Gear

Show off your Crummer School pride! The Crummer School has created a store on the Lands’ End Business Outfitters website to provide alumni, students, and friends of the Crummer School the opportunity to purchase Crummer gear. Shop now.

Event Videos

Missed an event? Students are welcome to watch recordings of past events on the Crummer Vimeo site.

Contact a member of the Student Success team with any questions.

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Student Success

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